Oscar Carracedo
Oscar Miguel Carracedo García-Villalba

Oscar Carracedo received his M. Arch in Architecture and a M.S. in Urban Design and Planning from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia-Barcelona Tech (UPC), where he is also Ph. D. candidate at the Urbanism and Territorial Spatial Planning Department (DUOT).

Since 2004 Oscar Carracedo is Associate Professor in the Urban Design and Planning Area of the International University of Catalunya (UIC), and of La Salle School of Architecture (ETSALS, Universitat Ramon Llull, URL), where he teaches design and planning at the graduate level, at the Master of Integrate Project in Architecture (MPIA) and at the Master of Intermediate Urban Regeneration Territories, where he is also coordinator and responsible of the Urban Sustainability area.

Before assuming his position of Associate Professor, Carracedo taught Urban Design and Planning at the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB, UPC) and at the Master in Urban Design and Planning, where he was also the coordinator.

Carracedo has been invited at the Universities of Columbia (New York), MIT (Boston), NUS Singapore, Pratt (New York), Ljubljiana y Venice, where he has been involved in different courses, workshops and lectures.

Professor Carracedo has numerous articles as well as some books as co-author and editor. He is right now working on the “Regeneration of open spaces and planning strategies for intermediate territories”, as well as in the “Transformation strategies in consolidated high and low density neighborhoods”. Since 2006 he is also a regular writer of the Regional Planning Catalan Society (SCOT). His vast contribution to these Yearbooks focuses on the physical and social implementation of urban projects and master plans all around the Catalan territory.